Services:  Palm Tree Pruning

A large majority of our work at Sydney Palms is the ongoing maintenance and pruning of Cocos Palms, Canary Island Date Palms and Washingtonia Palms.

Palm tree pruning, is carried out using specialist arboricultural equipment. All waste is removed from site.  This includes dead leaves, yellowed leaves, berry bunches, yellow flowers, unopened seed bracts and dead seed bracts.

We take great care to reduce impacts to your site and your tree.  We encourage minimal spiking of your palm tree by using a system of ladders or a non-invasive sling shot climbing method.





Sling Shot Method used to Access Palm Tree Crowns


A large 2 metre tall sling shot has a weighted ball with a fine hauling line attached to it.  A tree team member fires the weighted ball over the crown of the palm using the gaint "Sling Shot Big Shot".  A larger diameter life supporting rope is attached to the fine hauling line and pulled through the crown of the palm.  A climber can then safely access the palm crown pulling themselves up the rope using a Single Rope Climbing Technique. 

This method of gaining access the palm crown eliminates spiking of the trunk. Spiking of palm trunks is discouraged as it has negative impacts on palm health allowing entry points for pathogens and insects and looks aesthetically poor.


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