Tree Climbing Techniques:

High Point Palm Removal


"High Point Removal" of a palm tree.  This method of palm tree removal can be undertaken when a large tree or another palm is situated close to the palm being removed.  A heavy duty lowering line is located at a high point above the palm being removed.  A Sling and riggers block is used to position the lowering line in the high point above.  A friction device or method of applying friction to the lowering line is set up for controlled lowering of the palm in segments.  The lowering line is attached to the palm tree in manageable segments and cut by a arborist in the palm tree being removed. 


This method of palm tree removal is very controlled and quick once set up.  Anther advantage of this method of palm removal is the palm segments can be lowered distant to the palm trunk and therefore moved away from the drop zone near the base of the palm.  The arborist in the tree can conserve energy as this method of removal is not as taxing on the climber.

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