Free Online Estimates:  

Over 90% of our palm removal and pruning estimates are performed online.  With the use of iphone/smartphone technology photos can be used to first identify the palm species and then used to accurately perform an online estimate for Palm pruning or removal.  

Alternatively if you do not have access to a smart phone with MMS technology, digital photos from a camera can be emailed to for an online estimate.  



1.  Text us on 0423635842 or email us at

2.  Say you are requesting an online estimate for palm pruning or removal.

3. Indicate the number of palms you would like estimated on either for     pruning or removal; add your first name and email address.

4.  Also provide us with your street address, we use Google Earth Street      View and Satellite view to assist in determining the estimate.

5. Text or email a few pictures of the palm/palms through to us.

6.  We generally email out all online estimates within 1-2 days along with      our company public liability insurance.


(Your address information is important to help us provide you with an accurate estimate. Google Earth provides us with parking and yard access information. This helps determine the labour and equipment to do perform the job. Using google Earth we are also able to identify any electrical hazards, we can check palm tree height ratios, we can view and identify any nearby structures to the palms, including pools which we tarp when carrying out palm tree removals and some palm pruning work).


Estimates for palm pruning or removal includes the removal of all palm debris from site. 

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